Download  Data Crow for Windows free 2021

Download Data Crow for Windows free 2021

Download  Data Crow for Windows free 2021


Download Data Crow for Windows free 2021

Data crows is an amazing one free sales brochure for your favored motion pictures, Pictures, software application, books, audio CDs, music albums, media files, and other files.

Always wanted Manage all of your collections in one product? Would you like a product that you can adapt to your requirements? Your search ends here! Using Data crows This option allows you to sales brochure all of your antiques, no matter how huge your collection is. The exceptional online services use you immediate information about your books, software application, motion pictures and computer game. This information, incorporated with file import, which can be made use of to examine information from your e-books, software application, images, music and movie files, recommends there is no requirement to type a lot.

Are you collecting something that is not (totally) covered by amongst the standard event modules? No concern! Either customize an existing module by consisting of the fields you need, or produce your own module entirely. As quickly as your collection stays in Data crows You can even run your own server and allow your loved ones to see the information online and even by making use of a total server DataCrow Client.

Features and highlights

Standard collection modules
Catalog software application, movie, music, images and books. These modules, as they are called, included every variation.

Create new collection modules
Create your own collection modules right in the software application. Export your modules to reveal your enjoyed ones. You can even change the existing modules.

Credit management
With credit management, you can watch on who took a look at your items and when they need to be returned.

Online services
Why get in the information yourself when the app can find the software application, movie, books, and music information making use of amongst the standard online services (such as,,, and a lot more)?

It utilizes various basic reports. The power of JasperReports is made use of for reporting. Try amongst the standard reports or produce a new one yourself with the free Jaspersoft Studio software application.

Import of file information
Import information from AVI, DIVX, XVID, MP3, MP4, OGG, JPG, SVG, PNG and many other formats.

Web server
With the program server you can make your information provided through the Internet. The deep-rooted Tomcat web server hosts your data reliably and reliably.

Application server
The server is similarly a capable application server. Enjoy the total efficiency of the app while you work together on the precise very same DataCrow server.

More functions

  • Organizer of audio, software application, book, photo and motion picture collections
  • Customizable user interface: pick a skin, adjustment typefaces, customize views, and more
  • Create your own module from within the app
  • Optional web module; Web interface + integrated web server
  • Everything in the media organizer can be customized to fit your own requirements! Include your own categories, classifications, states, and so on
  • Rename your files based upon the item information in Cataloger for PC
  • Extended user management
  • Track acquired items making use of the standard credit management system
  • You can customize any image with the reliable internal image editor
  • produce a PDF and HTML reports. Produce your own reports by using new XSLT files
  • Use style templates to finish your default worths
  • Bulk upgrade of your brief posts
  • Automatically number your items making use of the vehicle numbering function

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Download Data Crow for Windows free 2021