Download  Ayoa for PC for Windows free 2021

Download Ayoa for PC for Windows free 2021

Download  Ayoa for PC for Windows free 2021


Download Ayoa for PC for Windows free 2021

Deal with mind map ideas, tasks visually and see the substantial image – all in one. Have a look at something new Mind mapping tool for Windows PC, Ayoa (earlier iMindMap). Ayoa desktop Client app is a cloud based Work management tool this incorporates mind mapping with task management functions. The app can be downloaded on desktop, web and mobile. As a subscription-based tool Ayoa (iMindMap) A range of costs methods are easily offered relying on the range of people on your group and the frequency with which you want to pay.

If you acquired one iMindMap Please be guaranteed that you can continue to make use of iMindMap which the app will be supported for the foreseeable future. iMindMap and Ayoa are completely various products, so starting the app did not affect your license.

Features and highlights

Radial maps
Brainstorm exceptional ideas and achieve your goals with Radial Maps in the app. Consist of structure to your goals and ideas by supplying them on a visual pie chart, and rapidly concentrate on by resizing the sectors on your map to expose their significance.

Public mind map sharing
You can share your mind maps with a variety of people and connect totally in conferences or celebrations. Just set your card to “Public” and share the associate with anyone you like – even if they do not have one Ayoa account!

Mind mapping
Expand your imagination and produce creativities with the visual thinking tool that many people all over the world love. Select speed mind maps to quickly create ideas or extremely ingenious natural mind maps to completely customize branches with positioning, color, images and more.

Gantt timeline view
Easily produce your own Gantt-style charts to attain more with Ayoa’s Gantt Timeline view effective time management See whatever you need to do (and when) at a peek by setting start and due dates for tasks, consisting of turning points, and exposing your advancement on a clear timeline.

Visual task management
Unlike any other app, it blows the task management requirements so your ingenious ideas can grow. Get rid of lists and spreadsheets and choose from an option of visual boards for any job.

Real-time cooperation
When faced with a task or option, harness the power of synergy to take a look at all of your ingenious services.

See the substantial image
When you aim on a task, it is easy to get lost in the info and forget your basic goal. Its unique visual interface allows you to get an intro of your tasks and expose as much or as little info as vital.

All in one place
By incorporating principle generation, task management and Instant messaging All of your work is kept in one place, so you invest less time altering in between apps.

Instant messaging
Communicate with your coworkers by sending out or establishing out direct messages group talk with keep everyone on the extremely exact same page. View today availability status of your coworkers to see who is online. You can even send tasks straight to amongst your contacts in Ayoa iMindMap chat.

Focus on the advancement
By updating the advancement part of the tasks you are handling, you can track things and quickly let others comprehend how close a task is to conclusion.

Seamless synchronization
Increase efficiency and enhance your workflow with Ayoa’s mix offering, including Google, Evernote, and Dropbox

my calendar
Do you like preparing your weeks, days or months ahead of time? My Calendar is the perfect tool to help you manage your order of business.

Work according to your style
Whether you pick a visual technique or something more structured, enjoy adaptability for the entire group with a number of task board views. This includes canvas, workflow, severity lists and completed.

Note: Limited efficiency in the presentation-free basic variation. Ayoa for PC is a cloud-based app – working offline is recommended at short notice.

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Download Ayoa for PC for Windows free 2021