Download  AxCrypt for Windows free 2021

Download AxCrypt for Windows free 2021

Download  AxCrypt for Windows free 2021


Download AxCrypt for Windows free 2021

AxCrypt Integrates easily with Windows to compress, protect, decrypt, save, send and customize particular files. It has a password. Protect any range of files with strong file encryption That makes perfect click mix with Windows Explorer AxCrypt the easiest technique to protected particular files On Windows, many additional functions that do not require setup protected files that are strongly and rapidly sent to other users through email or other techniques.

Backing up your files must not be difficult and AxCrypt makes it a lot easier than ever. Open, customize and share a saved file directly with a double click. It will right away find out which cloud storage services are established on your computer system and establish one AxCrypt Folder there. We make it basic for you to right away see and back up the files in these folders.

Sharing a supported file is done right through the software application by choosing the supported file, clicking the share button, and simply choosing the worker you want to share it with. The recipient only requirements one for ID

and will be right away invited by email if necessary. The welcome email includes instructions on how to see and customize the file.

The password management function allows you to strongly keep all your passwords and codes online. AxCrypt supports files independently. You can set folders as “supported”. The folders are watched on

new files, and the app supports all new files with a single click or when you log out.
Pricing (per user) Premium: routine month-to-month at EUR 3/ $ 3.50 or every year at EUR 30/ $ 34. Company: routine month-to-month at EUR 10/ $ 12 or every year at EUR 96/ $ 119.

Why choice

Strong file encryption
File security with 128-bit or 256-bit AES file encryption.

Easy to handle
Open and customize a saved file directly with a double click.AxCrypt Multilingual

The app speaks English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Russian, Polish and a lot more.

Allow other
users to open ensured files with their own password. Password management Manage your passwords easily and access to them anywhere.

Secured folders Automatically AxCrypt secured new files in particular folders with one click. Notefree: A 30-day trial variation of

Premium is included and starts when you activate your account. After that, it returns to the AxCrypt for edition with the

following losing out on functionsDownload

Download AxCrypt for Windows free 2021

: AES-256 file encryption (AES-128 file encryption simply), secured folders, necessary sharing, cloud storage detection, password management, file elimination, personal file names, password generator, direct support.(*) Also provided: (*) Mac(*) Free download(*)