Download  Avira Password Manager for Windows free 2021

Download Avira Password Manager for Windows free 2021

Download  Avira Password Manager for Windows free 2021

Download Avira Password Manager for Windows free 2021

Avira password manager is included in our all-in-one suite for security, privacy and performance.

  • Generate secure and unique passwords
  • Remember and fill them out automatically
  • Enjoy unlimited password storage
  • Sync your passwords across all of your devices

Automatically create highly secure passwords
Too many accounts, too few passwords? Today’s passwords are hard enough to create, let alone: ​​at least 8 characters. Numbers. Symbols … The password manager generates unique, secure passwords with a single click.

Never forget a password again
Tired of clicking “Forgot Password”? Avira Password Manager saves your passwords for all your accounts and fills them out automatically. This saves you time and is safer online.

Keep your account information private
81% of digital thefts come from weak or stolen passwords *. Since your online accounts contain your credit card details and your e-mail address, Avira not only backs up your passwords but, unlike browsers, also securely in an encrypted vault.

Sync passwords across all of your devices
All of your passwords are backed up in the cloud and can be accessed from any online dashboard on any device. Access is either via a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera or via an in-app from your Android or iOS phone.

Keep notes and credit cards safe
With Avira Password Manager you can encrypt notes and credit card data, encrypt password hints and securely share all devices.

Keep your passwords private and accessible on the go

  • Private: Only you can see and access your passwords
  • One Master Password: Access your online dashboard or mobile apps with just one password
  • 2-factor authentication: You will receive a security code on your phone to log in. Simply enter it together with your master password
  • Touch & Face ID: Access your passwords on your phone with just your thumb or through your phone’s facial recognition software

Premium features (available with upgrade):

Account violation alert
View all online accounts that may have been compromised in a security breach

Website alert
Warns you if you are using an account hosted on an insecure website or if the encrypted https protocol is not being used.

Weak password warning
Analyzes your passwords and highlights weak or guessed ones.

Double password check
Spots accounts that use the same password and minimize your security risk.

Refund warranty
“We’re confident you’ll love Pros. If not, you can get your money back up to 30 days.”

Further functions of Avira Free Security:

  • Antivirus
  • VPN
  • Optimization tools
  • Smart scan
  • And more!

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Download Avira Password Manager for Windows free 2021