Download  AV Voice Changer for Windows free 2021

Download AV Voice Changer for Windows free 2021

Download  AV Voice Changer for Windows free 2021


Download AV Voice Changer for Windows free 2021

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is the best output in the Voice changer software application for PC Series dedicated to language adjustment and language modification for online and local electronic programs. Change your voice on Skype or any audio file not simply in authentic time, nevertheless also in waveform customizing!

This wonderful software application works for users who want to be Voice Master of Media in the online world. You can use it to having fun talking with Instant messaging service Programs, do synchronization and narrative for your own video/ audio clips, imitate the voice of your favored idol. Overall control over the age and gender of your voice!

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond for chat/ messenger you can a variety of language adjustments associated tasks for different functions, such as narrative and synchronization for audio/ video, conversations, story, voice messages, voicemails, e-greeting cards; mimic the voice, make animal sounds and modify the voices in tunes.

Change voice in skype? Or Facebook? Or what ever? The advanced virtual driver development makes it possible for the tool to be connected to most VoIP programs, role-playing computer game or web chat applications. Easy and basic. More pleasurable in the online world, nevertheless less action required. How to modify your voice Skype? Incredibly basic!

The new, well developed voice recorder is more simple to utilize and utilizes an easier approach to get any recording task done. Record and preview your run in just one window.

Provides the ability to cut/ split/ copy part or all of your changing results, utilize effects or perform more important customizing operations.

It has high quality speech controllers. By particularly modifying the 2 basic qualities of the human voice, pitch and tone, users can modify, tune, enhance, alter, and produce virtually any voice modification.

Quickly performs both audio morphing and file format conversion treatments on a preselected list of files.

Features and highlights

  • Real-time voice adjustments, from either a microphone, CD, line-in or AUX input, to various high quality lady and male voices, animal, music and fictional sounds.
  • Morphs in authentic time the WaveOut and DirectX Streams.
  • Has different ready-to-use audio effects and Nickvoices.
  • Compatible with voice chat room, voice instant messengers, audio and video conferencing, and PC-to-telephone programs. You can camouflage your voice so that it is completely private on the Internet.
  • Compatible with the standard sound recorders, sound players, CD and karaoke players. With AV VCS DIAMOND you can produce different voices, audio files, Sound effects You can change tunes or MP3 files and produce your own albums for your audio and video and films.
  • The speech output can be changed by setting the desired equalization.
  • Along with the pitch algorithm, an additional tone moving algorithm helps you alter your voice into an extensive series of premium new natural voices that handle the “age” and “gender” of the speech output.
  • AV VCS DIAMOND can block and modify not simply the recording, nevertheless also the playback and the directx audio streams. You can alter audio files, e.g. B. MP3 files that are utilized a sound player established on your system.
  • You can consist of effects from various ready-to-use plug-in audio effects to a real-time voice stream from a microphone to an audio file, MP3 structure, or CD track utilizing a sound or CD player.
  • A mix of pitch/ tone, effects, sound quality, equalization, and speech equalization are made use of to produce new nickvoices that can be saved for future use.
  • AV VCS DIAMOND has its own sound recorder with which you can rapidly tape and save your conversations, altered voice messages and tailored tunes.
  • AV VCS DIAMOND has an integrated voice comparator – now you can turn your voice into the voice of popular artists or singers.
  • Any of the audio codecs established on your system can be made use of to tape the sound in a compressed format. AV VCS DIAMOND also has a range of the most popular audio codecs.
  • AV VCS DIAMOND can quickly start the recording, produce names for new recordings and save them in the folder you have in fact chosen.
  • AV VCS DIAMOND has an integrated sound player – you do not require to alter to another application to play your favored tune.
  • The improved graphic equalizer smooths the voice output.
  • Nice looking skins.
  • In the standard DIAMOND HiFi skin, the pitch and tone color settings are graphically displayed in order to improve coordination.
  • Easy to make use of standard Windows interface included.
  • Fast algorithms.
  • Compatible with all variations of Microsoft Windows running systems.

Note: 14 days trial variation. A limited range of pre-programmed Nickvoices, comparator voices, language packs and audio effects. Recording amount of time to 5 minutes.

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Download AV Voice Changer for Windows free 2021