Download  ASUS Share Link for Windows free 2021

Download ASUS Share Link for Windows free 2021

Download  ASUS Share Link for Windows free 2021


Download ASUS Share Link for Windows free 2021

ASUS Share Link is a file transfer manager that provides a cordless connection in between your PC and Android cellphone and begin fast file transfers. With this app, you no longer require to physically link your cellular phone to your home PC or notebook computer and transfer files by hand. Built to be a bridge in between PCs and

This app owns a ZEN series of Android phones and has in fact expanded its efficiency by being easily offered on any modern Android device.ASUS Share Link Developer of for built this service from the ground up so that it can simply be made use of

one function – to move files to and from your cellular phone quickly, reliably and quickly. This includes not simply images, music, files, nevertheless similarly application installers (. APK files) of your choice. The app has a minimalist interface that focuses totally on this scenario with a single use case. Finally, it can be made use of when both of your Android

The device and PC are totally offline. The entire file transfer treatment relies simply on a stable Wi-Fi connection (WiFi or direct Wi-Fi connection).

Windows Installation and useASUS Share Link Installer from

is readily available in a little package that is a little bit larger than 20MB. That technique, you can install it on your PC truly quickly without taking in a great deal of memory resources. The setup treatment is quick and basic. All you require to do is follow simple on-screen standards.

After the setup, the PC side of the app management is overall. To be able to

files in between PC and Android

  • You need to ensure 2 additional things – that your Android phone or tablet similarly has an Android variation of your device established which both devices are connected to the extremely exact same Wi-Fi network.for When you launch both the PC and the Android app, you’ll be invited with the minimalist green interface that includes a very little range of tools. Basically, you simply have access to 2 buttons – one to send files and one to get. The app does not support any additional transfer options or secondary functions. It focuses totally on making it possible for simple file transfer works wirelessly, reliably, and quickly. Features and highlights
  • Optimized for File transfer manager
  • PC
  • and Android.ASUS Full help
  • cordless LAN and direct Wi-Fi.
  • Can link PC to all brand of Android devices.for Available preinstalled on the
  • Zen line of Android devices.
  • Send and get files with ease.for Support
  • all sort of files, e.g. B. Multimedia (images, videos, music), files, applications and more.for Optimized minimalist area.Windows A web connection is not required

the file transfer treatment.

Download ASUS Share Link for Windows free 2021

Available (*) all modern variations of the (*) running system (7, 8 and 10).(*) Free download(*)