Download  Artifactory for Windows free 2021

Download Artifactory for Windows free 2021

Download  Artifactory for Windows free 2021


Download Artifactory for Windows free 2021

Artifactory helps you accelerate development by perfectly including with the approach your group works and supplying a efficient API to automate treatments. JFrog Artifactory is the only repository manager that entirely supports all considerable strategy formats.

As a universal repository manager, the app can be integrated into your existing neighborhood and supports end-to-end binary management that dominates the complexity of handling different software application strategy management systems and provides your CI/ CD workflow consistency.

Use Artifactory than your Kubernetes pc computer system registry too Manage application packages, Component dependences of the os, open source libraries, Docker containers and Helm diagrams with total existence of all dependences.

The app is the only tool that “speaks” to the various developments. increase of efficiency Reduce maintenance and promote automated mix in between the different parts. It was established from the ground up to fit any developing neighborhood. It deals with each repository style and materials native level support for all considerable strategy formats.

It helps keep your details center and automated pipelines running so your service continuously carries out at its finest. Whatever happens, set it up Artifactory High Availability ensures that your program will continue to be easily offered even if amongst its nodes is not offered or not offered for upgrade.

Use your favored orchestration tools to manage your application launches using various setup packages and application artifacts dealt with in the app, such as: B. Docker and Helm.

From megabytes to petabytes and beyond, it utilizes a series of storage alternatives that will allow your repositories to scale as your service grows.

You determine your workflow. It provides you the tools to perform it. From serious search functions to expanding efficiency and repository analysis Artifactory is flexible enough to please any service policy.

Features and highlights

Scales to infinity
Achieve high availability with active/ active clustering and multi-site duplication for your DevOps developed to support your scaling.

Too integrated to quit working
Integrates with your environment and provides you the liberty to select your tool stack. Make use of the app to join your CI/ CD neighborhood. Increase in designer efficiency and avoid service provider dedication.

Allows automation
Faster release and automation of your pipeline through efficient REST APIs.

Hybrid alternative, cloud or on-prem
Deploy JFrog Artifactory as your repository manager on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid style.

High availability
No downtime on your dev and ops floor covering. Obtain high availability through active/ active clustering of your DevOps environment and scale as your group grows.

Note: Requires Java runtime environment

Free download

Download Artifactory for Windows free 2021