Download  AquaSoft Stages for Windows free 2021

Download AquaSoft Stages for Windows free 2021

Download  AquaSoft Stages for Windows free 2021


Download AquaSoft Stages for Windows free 2021

With AquaSoft levels You can Create professional films of your photos, music and videos! Behind every picture there is a story, a message that you want to interact to your audience in an exceptional technique. Develop your principle, frame your movie, and achieve your goal with the tools in this excellent product. Particular elements from sound, video and image are changed into cinema experiences. Surprise your audience with fantastic videos!

You are a playwright, movie author and director of your motion picture job. You have an eye for info and precision is vital. Sound and image require to stream together so that in the end simply your motion picture stays in focus. With AquaSoft Stages for PC You can make your vision come true. Select from various effects and style templates or establish your own animations. in the Aqua Soft Stages There are practically unlimited design options for your conversations and films. Whatever you desire, you’ll find a technique to do it with it AquaSoft Stages 64-bit From ready-made style templates to totally self-created works, whatever is possible.

Better described as “ green screen” In Stages you can alter a plain background from photos and videos with virtual backgrounds, animated backgrounds or maybe move your subjects to an island in the sun. Simply highlight the background color, remove it and consist of the background of your alternative, whether another video or still image.

Features and highlights

Let your inner control freak go wild! Effects, sound, images/ videos and animations are displayed in various keyframes in the timeline. This allows you to determine specifically how you prefer each part in your movie to move, sound, or look.

Live preview
As you make adjustments to your job and consist of motion, particles, or other effects, the result is right away visible in the style designer. You can see how each effect has in fact transformed your job/ pictures without needing to keep repeating.

360 degree rotation
In stages you can Rotate your pictures, Videos and titles the total 360 degrees. This looks particularly excellent when incorporated with animated webcam pans, in addition to producing Prezi-like programs or turning titles to make your videos differ from the crowd.

Sync your audio
Tools like the playhead and timeline markers make it easy to sync your audio with your images. The playhead uses you a frame-by-frame view of your images and videos, while the timeline markers let you mark the adjustments in audio, causing crescendos at the perfect minute.

Unlimited range of tracks
Combine as various videos, photos, captions, and sounds as you prefer. You can utilize effects to any track.

Dynamic masks
Hide areas of the image and adjustment selected sectors with time.

More than just collages
Achieve a vibrant interaction of all elements by matching the effects specifically to your videos and images.

Video customizing
Cut videos, pictures and sounds perfect in the timeline.

Time lapse and slow motion
Create a time lapse or slow motion motion picture.

Particle system (snow, rain, dust)
Create marvelous particle animations with lively requirements.

Movement courses
Animate an element and move it throughout the screen.

Animated travel courses
Share your itinerary with maps, tracks and automobiles in just a number of clicks.

Control the blood circulation of your conversation immediately or with the remote app

Rotated webcam pan
Finally, you can focus with a 360 degree rotation in just one action.

Maximum output quality
Export your video to DVD, Blu-ray, socials media or in 4K quality.

Built-in effects
Use the bundled effects and style templates for quick work.

Note: 30 days trial variation. Watermark on the exported job.

Free download

Download AquaSoft Stages for Windows free 2021