Download  Apk Easy Tool for Windows free 2021

Download Apk Easy Tool for Windows free 2021

Download  Apk Easy Tool for Windows free 2021


Download Apk Easy Tool for Windows free 2021

Apk Easy Tool is an extraordinary Windows program that can be made use of to manage, sign, put together, or decompile your programs APK files for your outstanding apps! Take a look at now!

Features and highlights

Decompile/ Compile
Decompile and put together APK, DEX and JAR files with SPACE, indications and help for characters in Germany, Danish, Swedish and so on. Can be canceled throughout operation.

Sign/ zipalign
Signing and ZipAligning of APK/ JAR files. Can be canceled throughout operation.

Extract/ Zip APK
Extract and zip APK with 7z compression– Level 0-9. Can be canceled throughout operation.

APK information
Show APK information with an icon by using aapt dump badging and establishing a link to the Play Store.

Install your structure and manage structure courses.

Log output
View your logs to find bugs. Set a date to see your previous logs. The side log output is simply easily offered for a higher resolution with a width of 1250 and higher.

Change the tool’s options, decompile, put together, sign, and zip-align. Options: Java load, Apktool variation, Apksigner variation, directory site websites, Java course, Windows Explorer mix, save window position and more. All options and text fields are saved as config.xml and loaded at start-up. Quick options on main.

Drag and drop
Drop APK, DEX, JAR files and the decompiled folder onto the buttons to perform actions. Drop the external buttons to pick/ open as a file/ folder.

Selection of the Apktool.jar variation
Can alter to other variations of apktool.kar for options. Consist of another file, “apktool.jar”, to the “Apktool” folder.

4 buttons to open working directory site websites for decompiled APK, put together APK, extracted APK and compressed APK. Dive list faster methods.

Windows Explorer mix
Take action by simply right-clicking the APK file and choosing the following options: Decompile or Compile Dex, container, and apk Files, Zipalign APK, Check for Alignment, Sign. APK and established APK.

To begin

  • Download MSI or Zip file,
  • If you download.msi, open it up and merely set up it., if you download a portable variation Post Code
  • , extract it to the portable drive you prefer.Easy Tool Start APK
  • , a directory website will be set instantly
  • Select the APK file you want to handle or drop the APK to take an action
  • You do not need to pick APK and set the directory website when doing drag and drop actions.

Do some work and all the very best! Note: Requires INTERNET Framework and Java runtime environment

Download Apk Easy Tool for Windows free 2021

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