Download  Ace Stream for Windows free 2021

Download Ace Stream for Windows free 2021

Download  Ace Stream for Windows free 2021


Download Ace Stream for Windows free 2021

Ace Stream is an innovative one Multimedia platform a new generation that includes various products and services for routine Internet users together with for specialist members of the multimedia market. Ace Stream Media makes use of P2P (Peer-to-Peer) development, BitTorrent treatment, at its core, which is acknowledged as the most effective treatment for transmission/ delivery. Ace player is more than merely BitTorrent client software for file exchange through P2P networks!

The main directions of platform proficiency: AVoD (audio and video as required), live stream (live broadcast), localization of foreign BitTorrent traffic, decentralized social networks networks and IOTT (Interactive-Over-The-Top). The platform offers remarkable audiovisual quality for Internet online broadcasts/ programs and the most effective system for offering and keeping audio and video product.

Ace player Users delight in online videos with an audiovisual quality that is 10 times higher than the video quality on YouTube (in 1080p format) and in some cases higher than the broadcasts/ programs of any other existing VoD and Live Stream services provided by OTT (Over The top) service operators who do not use P2P development. Not Available Live stream service A fundamental CDN operator using unicast can provide the extremely exact same high quality live broadcast to the extremely exact same range of audiences that the average can provide Ace Stream User from his PC through your home web channel!

Features and highlights

AVoD (audio and video as required)
Online playback of audio and video product using the BitTorrent treatment.

Live broadcast
Create and see live broadcasts over P2P networks.

Turn BitTorrent trackers into online cinema
With services and products based upon Ace Stream Media, you can start playing audio and video product online with one click any website which consists of links to gush files without downloading gush files and without an extended period of time Waiting for product to download.

Bit Torrent Accelerator (HTTP Stream Accelerator)
Video playback on popular video hosting with Bit torrent Protocol help (e.g. YouTube).

Ability to use any player and libraries for online product playback
Program users are not linked to a single player and can use any player or libraries with streaming development help to play product.

Comfortable system for publishing, exchanging and recuperating audiovisual details
There is no longer any requirement to use many file storage, video hosting and other web services to reveal taped video or establish your own live broadcast on the Internet.

Turbo Stream
Service function for premium users of the app.

Ace Stream Cloud
Cloud service that is 2nd to none!

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