Download  Abyss Web Server for Windows free 2021

Download Abyss Web Server for Windows free 2021

Download  Abyss Web Server for Windows free 2021


Download Abyss Web Server for Windows free 2021

Abyss web server is a Compact web server for Windows PC Regardless of its little footprint, it supports HTTP/ 1.1, safe and secure and safe SSL/ TLS connections (HTTPS), automated plan and renewal of free certificates from Let’s Encrypt ® (ACME v2), IPv6, direct HTTP compression and lively product generation CGI/ FastCGI scripts, ISAPI extensions, native ASP.NET, HTTP/ HTTPS/ WebSocket-Reverse-Proxying, eXtended Side Includes (XSSI), personalized error pages, password security, IP address control, Anti-leeches, bandwidth throttling and log rotation.

It also has an automatic anti-hacking system in addition to a multi-lingual remote web administration interface that makes setup as easy as browsing a website.

A easy to use web administration interface The so-called console makes web server setup as easy as surfing a website. You do not need to customize any setup files. The console helps you set the server specs rapidly and can be accessed from a local or remote computer system. It is used in many languages such as English, French, Arabic, Chinese, and Spanish.

Abyss web server is based upon the APX architecture. APX, which stands for Anti-Crash Protection eXtension, was developed here at Aprelium to make the server crash-proof. If the software application activates a vital error and crashes (which, by the technique, is exceptionally not most likely), it will produce a report if possible and quickly reboot the server. The downtime in such a case will not exceed 1 2nd!

Safety is the main issue in Abyss web server In addition to its advanced URL equating engine that refuses damaging and suspicious needs, it has an efficient one Anti-hacking system This determines hacking efforts or denial-of-service attacks at an early stage and dynamically limits their preliminary IP addresses. It is also prepared with an anti-leech system to quickly prevent other websites from linking straight to your images or files.

Abyss web server supports the standard SSI instructions, which allow you to establish lively HTML pages with extremely little effort and without using a scripting language.

Features and highlights

  • Native help for 64-bit platforms
  • Virtual hosting (help for many hosts on a single computer system)
  • Secure SSL/ TLS connections (HTTPS), 2 hosts (HTTP + HTTPS), SNI help (Server Name Indication – makes it possible for the virtual hosting of many HTTPS sites on a single IP address) and an affordable interface for handling SSL/ TLS certificates
  • Automated need, setup and renewal of free certificates from ACME-compliant accreditation authorities such as Let’s Encrypt ®.
  • On-the-fly HTTP compression
  • Native ASP.NET help
  • help for PHP, Pearl, python, “Classic” ASP and virtually any web scripting language, including the ability to run a database (MySQL/.MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server and so on) supported web applications
  • Reverse proxying of web application modules such as Tomcat, Jetty, node.js and ASP.NET Core (Kesterel)
  • Reverse proxy WebSocket server
  • Support for the Ruby on Rails structure
  • Support for ISAPI, cgi and fastcgi extensions
  • Custom directory website listings
  • URL rewording engine
  • Reverse proxy help with HTTP/ 1.1 compatibility and connection pooling
  • Multilingual remote web setup interface (console)
  • Support for Unicode and IDN (International Domain Names)
  • Automatic anti-hacking system and anti-leech system to handle cross-site linking
  • Server- big control of bandwidth per file and directory website
  • Log rotation and personalized logging formats
  • X-Sendfile help and limited/ token-based downloads
  • IPv6 help

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