SAKURA School Simulator

SAKURA School Simulator

SAKURA School Simulator


The description of SAKURA School Simulator

* Recommended environment for competent video gaming:
Over 3 GB of RAM and over Snapdragon 820
If your gizmo does not go beyond these requirements,
This computer game is not working effectively.
” Laggy”, “Shutdown”, “Low memory problem” will appear rapidly.
If these issues occur rapidly after starting the computer game,
reboot the computer game or gizmo,
Change the Decrease Trainees and individuals setting to ensure smooth video gaming.
This computer game uses a good deal of CPU and GPU,
Close other applications as usually as possible.

There are 2 approaches to enjoy this computer game.
( 1 )
Find buddies and lovers any approach you prefer.
Enjoy a great school life!
( 2 )
Go on a rampage any approach you like.
Borrow the weapons from the YAKUZA office ahead of time.
You can get them rapidly if you do not stop “flying”.

Read “HELP” in-game if you have any issues about the computer game.

This computer game is a “simulator”. There are great deals of approaches to beat challengers.
Of course, if you want to beat them on your own, then you can rapidly do so.
On the other hand, if you want to beat them without weapons, undoubtedly you can.

There are no descriptions of blood in the computer game.
The people in the computer game world will simply “stun” nevertheless not die.
The concept of death does not exist in this computer game
so that people who were drugged get up the next day and dislike you.

You can handle and alter 4 players in the really exact same phase (the 2 stand after seeing ADS).
You have a variety of options for speaking (sentenses modify Randam).
You beat challengers through simulations.
You do not require to fight challengers.
Search for the approaches.

There is no ending to this computer game.
Please do the circumstances as you desire and find your preferred approach of playing.
We hope you enjoy the computer game.

The product of this video game will be consisted of when we have in fact established the new video game elements.
The additional product is revealed on this page as a “new” context.
Although we used the character creates from AOI and TAICHI in this computer game,

AOI is a NOT FREE ownership and TAICHI is a FREE ownership.
Anyone who wants to establish computer game product, and so on can make use of these homes.

Download XAPK((156.4 MB) Many thanks!

Scrub-chan (C) Bijuu Mike(*)