Run Sausage Run!

Run Sausage Run!

Run Sausage Run!


The overview of Run Sausage Run!

Run, sausage, run!
Sizzling Diggity Canine, this can be an excellent attempting sizzling canine!
You by no ways make a sausage! (Acquired it? Have you ever seen such … sausage? Any person?)

Cease pounding and run! This journey run is a sizzling dog’s dream – or a problem – depending on how successfully you do it.

Play as a tasty sausage of your choice. Weißwurst or black pudding, bacon or chocolate … even plumbing or cowboy!

Run to your life on a numerous course whereas flexing this sizzling canine body and avoid getting sliced up, hacked, burned or smashed on this journey working sport!

Tons of juicy sausages to pick from, lots of sizzling canine skins for this journey run.

Accumulate money as you go to your sweet (or spicy) life to buy metal rolls and various cool powerups on this journey sport.

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