Download Shadow Fight 3 APK
For Android 2021

Download Shadow Fight 3 APK For Android 2021

Download Shadow Fight 3 APK
For Android 2021


Download Shadow Fight 3 APK
For Android 2021

Download Shadow Fight 3 APK
For Android 2021

The world of shadows is on the edge of a remarkable war. The incomprehensible power that stemmed from expulsions of shadows numerous years back is a common source of power today. The shadow energy is a weapon and a tool nowadays. Not everyone likes this condition.

A dependable military individuals, the Legion, has its main function to handle damaging energy. The dynasty people discovered to use it for revenues and craft. And the odd heralds study the darkest techniques of the shadow power.
Three magnificent fighters invite you to join their cause. 3 numerous techniques to live and fight. You will acknowledge the fate of the world for numerous years to come. Which side are you on?

Immerse yourself in the world of limitless battle and amazing action! Shadow Fight 3 is certainly complimentary and 100% required to use. Start your experience now, warriors!

– Enjoy modern-day 3D graphics, handy physics and animation.
– Combine 3 numerous combating styles to your own unique style of play.
– Collect bargains of numerous weapons and gadgets.
– Use special shadow capabilities, advantages and upgrades.
– Travel throughout a significant world map filled with amazing places and stories.
– Immerse yourself in the fish story with various objectives.
– Attend regular themed in-game events with unique awards.
– win fights. Defy the characters of other players who are handled by the AI, take a place in the TOP 100 ranking of your location and wind up being a combating star!

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What’s new

The upgrade includes the following adjustments:

– Fixed some crucial bugs;
– The main objective continues: the extremely extremely extremely really first part of Chapter VII is lastly used!
– New supervisors and locations;
– New tools and 2 trademark name new combating styles;
– New function: collections. You can quickly organize your items and get advantages for each collection you amount to.
– 3 popular sets, each of which utilizes a special battle benefit when certainly prepared with your character.

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