Download Samsung Push Service For Android

Download Samsung Push Service For Android
Download Samsung Push Service For Android

Download Samsung Push Service ApkForAndroid

You can inspect the setup of the app in “Settings > Application Manager” after you have in reality downloaded the Samsung push service.
The Samsung push service utilizes the notice service merely for Samsung services (Samsung Apps, Samsung Link, Samsung Wallet, Samsung Pay, and so on) on Samsung devices.

If you remove the Samsung push service, you might not get any brand-new alerts.

The Samsung push service makes use of the following services.
– A brand-new message is shown in the pop-up window
– Show badge for a brand-new message on the application icon
– Show brand-new message in the notice bar

Enjoy the accurate and quick notice service with the Samsung push service.

* Note on permissions
The following permissions are needed for the app service. With optional approvals, the essential effectiveness of the service is triggered, nonetheless not allowed.

[Required permissions]
: Required merely in Android L OS and kept in mind listed below
– Telephone: Required for gadget recommendation when registering for the service

[Optional permissions]
– Storage: Required to share the log file with the e-mail app when the user makes use of VOC

If your system software application variation is lower than Android 6.0, upgrade the software application to develop app permissions.
Permissions that were formerly allowed can be reset after the software application upgrade in the apps menu in the gadget settings.

* Open source license
Copyright (C) The Android Open Source Project

Download Samsung Push Service Apk For Android

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