Download Portalitic – Portal Puzzle 2 For Android 2021

Download Portalitic – Portal Puzzle 2 For Android 2021

Download Portalitic – Portal Puzzle 2 For Android 2021

Download Portalitic – Portal Puzzle 2 ApkFor Android 2021

Bend area- time and defy all laws of physics to finish this portal difficulty!

Place websites anywhere you desire and simply teleport to finish each level. Each portal has a color, you can go into every one and leave the other portal. Utilize the clone cubes to finish the puzzle levels.

One portal is red, the other portal is blue (and you can alter its colors!). Both are linked in the 4th measurement so that you can take a trip in between them. If you put one on the flooring, you can even fall in! Be careful of ladies and kids, the levels are challenging. Amongst us portalists, as we are employed the chambers, and amongst them, the developers of the chambers, just one needs to exist!

4th Dimension Knights Gather! Can you beat the clone army? Utilize the portal knights to attain success. Pleased Room after Happy Room you will come across tough puzzles to be fixed.

Clash each of them. Teleport from one to the other. Bring the dice to the buttons. Unlock. Trigger the devices. Go into the world of Portalitic!


★ Easy to play. Get the essentials in the very first couple of seconds and beat the levels like a champ.
★ Train your brain, resolve the puzzles!
★ Many levels! (3 are totally free).
★ Enjoy fantastic looking HD 3D graphics.
★ Journey through the 4- dimensional gameplay.
★ Attractive graphics.
★ Simple, instinctive control technique.
★ Paint your websites with the numerous colors offered.
★ Switch to the numerous various portal weapon skins.
★ Perfect for phones and tablets.
★ Just utilize each finger to leap and move! Easy.
★ Highly advised for those who like mind and brain video games.
★ Physics video game.

Upcoming updates (actually quickly):

★ More levels.
★ online multiplayer.
★ Local (through WiFi) multiplayer.
★ More modification choices (colors, weapons).
★ Improved efficiency.
★ Harder puzzle mechanics.
★ Improved physics.

Have enjoyable! and take pleasure in the video game!

Download Portalitic – Portal Puzzle 2 Apk For Android 2021