Download Ghostbusters World APK For Android

Download Ghostbusters World APK
 For Android
Download Ghostbusters World APK
 For Android

Download Ghostbusters World APK
For Android


Ghosts are turning up all over and the world is calling you for aid. Discover and ruin ghosts in the real life utilizing the current in enhanced truth and maps innovation!

Fire your proton beam and capture and gather ghosts from all measurements of the Ghostbusters franchise.
Use a range of the current spectral neutralization and capture innovations.

Team up with close-by Ghostbusters to beat the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and other effective ghosts in multiplayer employer raids.

Immerse yourself in a brand name brand-new Ghostbusters story with your preferred classics.

Build a ghost group and contend versus other Ghostbusters around the globe in the ghost measurement.
Use your ghost group to clear the ghosts that infest Gozer’s Tower and the Daily Haunt for important resources that are required to make your ghosts more powerful!

Check-in at Dimensional Doors in your community and around the globe!
Spirits enter our measurement regularly at these crossways in between their and our worlds.
They likewise supply you with tools and products that you can utilize to ruin ghosts.


– Ghostbusters World is complimentary to play and download with in-app purchase choices.
– A wifi or cellular connection is needed to play the video game.
A GPS connection is likewise needed for some video games. If the connections are irregular or weak,
You might have difficulty playing the video game.Ghostbusters World- [ Android 6.0 ] works with the following gadgets:
client assistance:
– Privacy policy:
– Terms of usage:
– Follow us on: Android *

6.0 and above, we need consent approval.
* How to withdraw gain access to authority approval
[Android 6.0 or higher] Follow the actions listed below to withdraw authorizations approval.
[Lower than Android 6.0] Settings > Apps > Select Application > Permissions > Revoke Permissions

Update the os or erase the app to withdraw authorizations approval
* Authorization handbookGhostbusters World- (Mandatory) place gain access to:
needs access to the place of your gadget in order to make it possible for map-based gameplay.Ghostbusters World- (Mandatory) access to gadget files, media and images:
needs access to your gadget’s images, media and files in order to set up video game information in external storage.Ghostbusters World- (Mandatory) contact gain access to:
requires access to your contacts in order to confirm your account.Ghostbusters World- (Mandatory) electronic camera gain access to:

needs access to your gadget’s electronic camera in order to play the Augment Reality (AR) part of the video game.

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