Download Evolution Board Game APK For Android

Download Evolution Board Game APK
 For Android
Download Evolution Board Game APK
 For Android

Download Evolution Board Game APK
For Android

Welcome to the official Evolution board game! Evolution is free to test and the unlimited gameplay is unlocked as a one-time in-app purchase. Customize your animals to survive in an ever-changing environment and outsmart your opponents in an evolutionary duel. Each card in evolution represents a feature that occurs in nature. Easy to learn, but difficult to master. Use these cards to customize your animals better than your opponents!

Inspired by the North Star Games board game, Evolution is now a mobile board game for phones and tablets! Create animals and make them adapt and thrive in a beautiful and ever-changing ecosystem.

Enjoy the 3D graphics that make the fights more realistic. Enjoy balanced combat mechanics where your survival strategy and the level of your Apex Dino will help you achieve victory in the game. Make every battle an epic war.

– Single player campaign: Embark on individual adventure games and play duels against the AI.
– Multiplayer games: use your skills and experience to win against other players around the world in our skill-based matchmaker and make the animals formed from your card game known worldwide.
– Easy to learn: follow our interactive tutorial to unlock all the secrets and go from beginner to expert as quickly as possible.
– Strategic game: create your animals, think about a strategy, use the features that suit your style, develop your animals and win every battle!
– Incredible combat mechanics: prepare your senses for the fastest and most hectic battles!


Evolution is a role card strategy game by North Star Games in which you have to evolve your creatures to be stronger than your opponents and win in battle. Unlike other RPG card games, Evolution has a wide variety of cards, elements, and rivals that allow for a variety of strategies with your 17-card deck. The thematic maps make the game easy to learn, but the interactions and combinations make it difficult to master.
Unlike other RPGs, this game will test your intelligence. Use the principles of life science to become the best to survive in evolution!
– Is the water point dry? Evolve a long necked dinosaur to get food in the trees and survive.
– Do you have to defend yourself against a carnivore? Create a dinosaur with a hard shell to defend yourself against the attacks of the beasts.
– Do you need to keep a lot of animals alive? Develop the most efficient food chain and create a sustainable ecosystem.

Are you going to be a carnivore or a herbivore? The ecosystem is changing and you need to predict what strategy your opponents will pursue.
Our professor will guide you through our tutorial. Perfect your skills during the campaign, then jump into multiplayer mode and climb the leaderboard! More exciting than other monster games.

Explore the Isle of Evolution in single player campaign mode and discover the different monsters in each dungeon. Become a science freak and unlock new species on the island as you move through the campaign and dungeons. When you are defeated, you can add them to your deck of cards and use them for the rest of your adventure.

Evolution will match you with players who have skills similar to yours in the online multiplayer games. Make friends online and set up private games or qualify for the tournaments. Be the king of online tournaments with your Apex Dinos!

It’s not about the cards you get. It’s about how you play them to win. The complete set of cards is included in the base game. Once you have purchased the full game you can play indefinitely. Thousands of species combinations are created from 17 cards with unique properties, meaning no two decks are alike.

With a smooth user interface and fast and informative animations, Evolution was designed to carry out intense strategic battles. Play once and you won’t be able to stop playing. Create completely new animals! Play online!

What’s new

Try before you buy
Friends play for free with premium users
Android x64 support
Pass and play mode
A problem with the AutoZoom function has been fixed

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