Download Download Survival on Raft: Ocean Nomad – Simulator APK For Android

Download Download Survival on Raft: Ocean Nomad – Simulator APK For Android
Download Download Survival on Raft: Ocean Nomad – Simulator APK For Android

Download Download Survival on Raft: Ocean Nomad – Simulator APK For Android

Ocean Nomad is a brand-new release in the series of ocean survival video games with brand-new opponents, things, RPG aspects, island survival and checking out the ocean on a boat. Develop and update your raft to make it through in the sea, protect it from sharks and check out the large world. Attempt all of our amazing survival simulator video games rolled into one!

Features of our video game:

☆ Hundreds of products and weapons
☆ Exploring the open world
☆ practical 3D HD graphics
☆ Island survival
☆ Improved raft building

Tips for making it through the armageddon:

Catch products and resources with your hook

Lots of beneficial resources in shark video games are ideal under your nose. Drifting barrels and chests constantly consist of essential resources for marine survival, and wrecks are truly great product for raft structure in ocean video games. You might even discover weapons, products, and tools to protect the raft. Keep tossing the hook!

Craft weapons and armor

A victim can quickly alter the guidelines and end up being a hunter in shark video games. Make a difficult option amongst numerous weapons, 2- handed blade weapons, and pieces of armor to protect your drifting base and hunt sharks. Produce an ideal toolbox and constantly be prepared for fight.

” Defend your raft

Be prepared to move on and double your efforts to combat for marine survival now that you still have one issue to resolve. The shark is now signed up with by swimmers from other survival video games who wish to assault the raft. No male can tame a shark and there is no other way out. Prepare to swing and shoot day and night!

Update and produce

During marine survival video games, watch on the condition of your raft on the water. It is insufficient to connect a couple of wood slabs together without a roofing or walls to feel safe. Be innovative and easily broaden the raft in height and width, due to the fact that the only limitation to constructing survival simulator video games 2018 is your creativity. There are likewise lots of upgrades to fishing and storage area growth that can be utilized to update drifting defense to assist you make it through in the ocean.

Discover the ocean

Have you ever questioned if there is limitless land in this ocean with forest jungles, family pets and forests? An excellent function of our complimentary island survival video games is now carried out in this video game. Do not sit idle – attempt to check out the sea and islands. What are they concealing: scary or popularity, middle ages royal treasures or wild tigers and scary dinosaurs from the Jurassic duration and even an old aircraft wreck? You can likewise discover resources, raft upgrades, and other products on the islands. You do not require an ark or a ship to cruise to them in shark video games – an easy boat will do, and might the stars be your guide.

Learn the story of the armageddon

An unidentified destructive disaster turned the world into a limitless ocean and the last survivors are secured like in jail on spread islands and imagine discovering their house. The job of our raft video game is to discover them and find the fact about what took place, discover other individuals who can make it through and join them.

” Survive on a raft

The most current variation of our offline survival simulator video games has lots of progressed opponents, brand-new products and other functions that will shock everybody. Download the Ocean Nomad video game and go on a legendary survival experience. Play without wifi or web connection, claim as lots of days as possible and share the outcomes with buddies online!

* Warning: * We are not connected with the designers of the initial raft video game.
Our business Unisoft Games has the complete rights to utilize the RAFT hallmark in the United States (the hallmark includes basic characters without a particular font design, size or color – identification number 87- 605,582, submitted on 09- 12- 2017).

Download Download Survival on Raft: Ocean Nomad – Simulator APK For Android

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