Download Download Clash of Empire: New Empire Age APK For Android

Download Download Clash of Empire: New Empire Age APK For Android
Download Download Clash of Empire: New Empire Age APK For Android

Download Download Clash of Empire:New Empire Age APK For Android

Do you wish to battle side by side with your buddies on the worldwide battleground? Are you proficient at protecting the castle or taking the effort? Do you have a technique for getting more with less? Do you have the knowledge to bring royal civilization to its peak? Do you even wish to end up being the king of dominating the world through fantastic fights? Sign up with the Clash of Empire and find more surprises!

Clash of Empire is an MMO video game in which you need to engage in genuine time with gamers from all over the world. Sign up with the alliance and discover partners from all over the world! To beat the inbound opponent you will need to deal with the aggressiveness of gamers all over the world! This is likewise an RTS video game. The assistance and war in the video game are all actual time. Program your war methods and methods and aim to win the greatest throne!

★ ★ ★ Game Features ★ ★ ★

★ Legendary heroes will assist you handle the world!
Alexander! Genghis Khan! Caesar! Joan! … The famous heroes, applauded by the individuals of all nations, are awaiting your recruitment! Heroes emerge in hard times and compose their own legend under the testament of famous heroes!

★ Free building and construction, castle advancement technique is yours!
The very first production is to establish employees to easily state and disperse the gameplay farewell to dull repaired lines. Exist focused employees to update the castle? Or is it scattered employees attempting to completely recover farmland? The technique of constructing a high totally free castle is yours!

★ Free production of gold without charging!
Original gold mining gameplay, 24 hours of constant gold production, huge gold advantages are awaiting you!

★ Hidden soldiers in the cavern, the protective and offending methods of the castle can be utilized with no issues!
Save energy? Remarkably win? Versatile usage of surprise soldiers in the cavern, select appropriate offensive and protective methods and win in one fell swoop!

★ Guardian Lion, the character of the Lion King!
docile? irritable? dreadful? … Your character identifies the character of the lion king! The special Lion King training video game is waiting to be found by you!

★ The artifact is coming, gather artifacts to assist you!
Original artifact collection and robbery gameplay. The sword of Tyrael, Aegis, the Trojan horse … the famous artifacts entered this world. Go to discover her. Naturally, you need to secure it from the opponent too!

★ Magic Mine, get abundant with resources over night!
Original alliance resource financial investment gameplay, put all your resources in the magic mine! Keep it and you can get more than 300% roi! Interesting fight is simply around the corner!

★ Occupy the resource tower and make yourself more powerful in fight!
Original Resource Tower cast gameplay, wish to declare the throne? You should initially protect a location in the resource tower. A consistent stream of extra war resources and effective characteristic gains will enable you to keep a benefit in the end of the world!

★ Fight for the throne, for popularity and power!
Once you succeed, you should beat all the opponent empires on your method to the peak of power in order to rise to the greatest throne, representing popularity and power!

★ ★ ★ Join our Global Player Community ★ ★ ★


>> If you encounter any issues, you can utilize the in-game assistance (the entryway is beside the castle wall) to send out feedback to our client service system.

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Download Download Clash of Empire: New Empire Age APK For Android

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