Download Cubie Adventure APK For Android

Download Cubie Adventure APK
 For Android
Download Cubie Adventure APK
 For Android

Download Cubie Adventure APK
For Android

Adventure with your lovable characters and animals!
Adorable and lovable characters with addicting gameplay!
Cubie Adventure welcomes you to an unrestricted world packed with boxes and squares!

■ Just tap and dive!
Simple clicks to have a look at the wonderful Cubie World.

■ Deadly lovable characters
Meet the group. Collect over 100 Cubies & Pets with ‘edges’!
Make buddies to open distinct advantage results!

■ Discover the unrestricted world of boxes and squares!
Jump, run and double dive over difficulties and speed through traps.

■ The race is on – run, run, run! As rapidly as you can!
Race versus your buddies!
Can you beat your buddies reasonably and honestly?

■ Who is the one in charge?
Run, dive and stomp the one in charge.
Remember to identify your taps and stack your mixes!

■ Even more tough for video game masters
If you delight in challenges, Crazy Mode is the race for you!
No area for mistakes!

# Official Cubie Adventure fansite:

# Notification: Access authorization is required for gameplay
1) Authorization to access the external memory of the gizmo is required for the screenshot sharing function in Cubie Adventure.

What’s new

Happy Holidays! New characters for all 8 Cubies & Christmas Update!

# Updates in this variation (v1.0.26)

– You can play and get Santa Jack throughout the Christmas celebration!
– 8 new characters represented all Cubies!: Added 7th grade collection capabilities
– 20 new animals to collect/ 4 collection cabinet sets
– New chapter added to the experience
– 15 new race course with Christmas stages added to the race!
– and bug repair work

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