Download Bead 16 (Sholo Guti) APK
For Android 2021

Download Bead 16 (Sholo Guti) APK For Android 2021

Download Bead 16 (Sholo Guti) APK
For Android 2021


Download Bead 16 (Sholo Guti) APK
For Android 2021

Download Bead 16 (Sholo Guti) APK
For Android 2021
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Sholo Guti (Padmavyuham) is a popular and extremely well-known video game in South and Southeast Asia, particularly Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Vietnam.
It is a checkers video game like chess and it takes 2 gamers to play the video game. From this perspective, we can definitely call SholoGuti a rural variation or development of chess.
This video game is incredibly popular in nearly all parts of our nation. It is a preferred video game in backwoods in specific. This video game is so popular in some fields that often individuals hold competitions of this video game. SholoGuti (Padma Vyuham) is a video game with severe persistence and intelligence. You need to be extremely skillful and move a pearl extremely thoroughly while playing. This video game is among the very best home entertainment sources for the regional or rural population. Rural youth and middle-aged guys play this video game to invest their spare time in late twelve noon or afternoon, or when they run out tasks. We discover a big crowd of villagers playing this video game while it is drizzling felines and pets in the rainy season. We observe the build-up more and more in the town, we likewise observe the destination amongst the townspeople/ townspeople. The devices of this video game are easily offered. In basic, the board of this video game is made by drawing specific lines or tables on the flat land, and we pick dry pieces of branch or little pieces of brick or pieces of bamboo or pieces of sugar walking cane as farmers (guti). 2 gamers take their locations in the opposite instructions of the board. This video game begins in between 2 gamers and there are an overall of 32 Gutis, each of which has 16 pearls. 2 gamers position their sixteen pearls from the edge of the board. As an outcome, the center line stays empty so that gamers can make their proceed the voids. It is chosen who makes the very first relocation.
After beginning the video game, gamers can move their pearls one advance, backwards, right, left and diagonally where there is a void. Each gamer attempts to get the challenger’s pearls. That pawn will be withdrawn or under your capture if one gamer is able to cross one of the other gamer’s pawns. This gamer is the winner who can dominate all of his challenger’s pawns.

We have actually produced a digital variation of the Sholo Guti video game with a fresh type that exists in front of you which has actually been the owner and bearer of our ancient custom because time immemorial. In this contemporary variation, you will get total home entertainment of this video game that has plenty of numerous memories.

You can likewise play the video game alone here rather of 2 gamers together. Not just that, if you desire you can begin having fun with immigrants of various languages immediately. Considering that there is the capability to send out photo and text, you can keep close contact with the opposing gamer. There is a chance to win or lose points based upon the video game results. These points are conserved for the future and your world position or ranking is determined versus the points. In addition to conserving points, all records of your win or loss of the video game and the overall time you have actually invested playing the video game are conserved for the future. You can likewise see all of your information in this variation. In addition, some lovely functions have actually been included this contemporary development that will offer you an amazing sensation.

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Bangladeshi video game, Indian video game, town video game, rural video game, chess video game, youth video game.

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