Download ANT Radio Service For Android

Download ANT Radio Service For Android
Download ANT Radio Service For Android

Download ANT Radio Service Apk For Android

ANT is a wireless protocol, similar to Bluetooth®, mainly used for wireless sports and fitness connections. This service, pre-installed by the phone manufacturer, allows you to connect ANT + devices to apps on your phone. ANT Wireless is a division of Garmin Canada Inc.

ANT-enabled apps can use this service to connect:
• Heart Rate: Get live heart rate data from heart rate belts or wearables made by many popular manufacturers
• Fitness equipment: Connect ANT + -capable fitness equipment and bike trainers with popular training and exercise apps
• Bike speed and cadence: Collect speed, distance, and / or cadence data from the bike
• Bike Performance: Collect data from ANT + bike performance meters such as Garmin Vector
• Step-based speed and distance monitor: Collect speed and distance data from running footpods

For a complete list of compatible ANT + apps and devices, visit

How did this app get on my phone and is it spyware?
This service is standard software provided by the manufacturer of your phone. It is not downloaded illegally and is not spyware. No system malfunctions or pop-up ads are displayed. It is not bloatware and usually requires a maximum of 20MB of storage space. For example, on a 16GB phone, this service takes up 0.0013% of the storage space. We don’t pay phone manufacturers to have this service pre-installed.

How can I remove this service?
Since this service is standard software, you cannot delete it from your phone. Instead, you can disable this service by following the manufacturer’s instructions. The typical process is: Settings> Applications> Application Manager> appropriate app> Force Stop> Disable

Disabling this service will not affect your phone’s software. If you need the ability to connect to services and devices via ANT + in the future, simply re-enable the service.

NOTE: As this is a factory installed service, it may be activated / re-downloaded when you reset and / or update your phone. No panic! Just follow the instructions to turn it off again.

Is this service tracking me without my knowledge?
No. The ANT Radio Service and ANT + Plugins Service applications provide a wireless connectivity service similar to Bluetooth or WiFi, but with very low power consumption. These services do not collect any personal data.

Is it difficult to develop an app with ANT + capabilities and is there a fee?
Using the ANT + plugins in your app to communicate with ANT + devices is fast, easy, free and uses a simple API. Visit the ANT Android Developer page ( for more information and to download the SDK.

How do I know if I have ANT-enabled products?
Visit to search for ANT / ANT + enabled products, devices, and / or services.


Download ANT Radio Service Apk For Android

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