Download AnimeUltima Android 2021

Download AnimeUltima Android 2021

Download AnimeUltima Android 2021


A few years ago, watching anime on the TV channels of some countries was a real craze. Messy chapters, last minute scheduling changes, unexpected cancellations … Now we can forget all those programs and enjoy the best anime thanks to this fantastic streaming platform. If you like anime, download the APK file, you won’t be able to do without it once you get to know it.

Enjoy the best free anime on your Android

If you want to watch anime without spending a dime, this app is just what you need. AnimeLast offers a awesome collection of Japanese animated series. And it covers everything from the more classic series, like dragon ball or Naruto, to more recent ones, such as Beastars or the most recent A piece chapters. Plus, we’ll get the latest episodes as they air.

Episodes are available immediately as soon as they air.

To watch one of the series we have to tap the icon in the menu. Inside its tab we get many information: type (movie, series or special), year, genre, duration, synopsis, number of episodes and rating.

Also, one of the most interesting details of this app is that within each chapter we can see the comments of other users. But these comments will initially be hidden to avoid spoilers, and we appreciate that!

Never miss another episode of your favorite anime

In addition to being able to set notifications so that the app notifies us whenever a new chapter is available, we will also be able to keeping track of our series. This means that the chapters we are looking at will be marked, so we can see at a glance where we are.

But there is more. We can synchronize this platform with our MyAnimeList and AniList accounts across multiple devices. In addition, they will also soon launch a tool for download the content and view them comfortably on our Android without an Internet connection. Great or what?