Digital World

Digital World

Digital World


The description of the digital world

The max and coolest digimons gather here, rush to collect the more effective and most popular digimons;
You can challenge arena, guild battle and cross-server battle in our computer game.
The health and health and wellbeing of login, fight, success and level is awaiting you!

— Super wellness–
* Great advantage for 7 days, get Digimon completely complimentary *
10 top-up discount rate and really first top-up send you Super Digimon.

— computer game function–
Look design
Professional painter, artistically developed, many fancy and spectacular pictures are highly revealed on the screen!

Capabilities and Gameplay
Extensive digimons and total relationship recovery make the group mix efficient and impressive. You are the one who rules these biggest Digimon Rangers! Are you all set to form the best group?

Preliminary animation
A fantastic story together with popular preliminary tunes brings you the purest experience of the secondary element!

Overall Collection
Every icon you experienced in your youth gathers here. Partners in the advancement phase, in the maturity phase, and so on absolutely please your requirements for image quality.

A great deal of training
You can establish Super Digimons in a variety of approaches, such as gadgets, spirit, stunning weapon, ability and constellation. The restriction approach causes you controling the world.

Incredible problems
Celebrations such as Arena, Instance, Trial, Tamer, Guild Battle, and Challenger Tournament would be launched in turn. Here are PVP, PVE situations to improve advantages and equip your rangers!

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