Champion of the Fields

Champion of the Fields

Champion of the Fields


The description of Champion of the Fields

Champion of the Field is a real-time mobile soccer computer game. The computer game utilizes precise 4 + 1 button controls to recreate the gameplay and pleasurable of the console. It is cross-platform appropriate with PC, iOS and Android. Reasonable fields, unique characters, an incredible real-time rivals and smooth control make certain an absolutely new mobile soccer experience.
Champion of the Field is officially certified by FIF Pro. You can train thousands of authentic players and establish your popular group, win champs, enjoy the interest and splendor of authentic rivals!

Fair rivals: control the field with capabilities
The computer game appropriately imitates the appeal of a soccer computer game by incorporating joystick and buttons in precise 4 + 1 button control. Skilled control and synergy determine the computer game outcomes. Everyone can expose themselves in this computer game, be it a newbie or a very star.

Real-Time Conflict: Free, fluid gameplay
High speed connection for smooth PVP matches. Regardless of whether it is competed goal, by passing, rapidly bying far the moving or angering, marking, changing the protector to the protective in addition to qualified movements such as long death, gratitude shooting, total volley, give-and-go, Marseille turn and so on you can do it with precision using joystick and buttons.

Recruiting Players: Build your own group
You can train every player in the computer game at world class level or work with star players for your club! Manage your favored stars and your favored group to be the finest in the world!

Licensed by FIFPro: Thousands of authentic star players
Officially certified by FIF Pro and consisting of thousands of authentic professional players from 63 countries illustrated in American comic style to produce a authentic and unique competitive sports environment. Establish your own popular line-up and control the field with today’s leading stars!

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