HTTP Custom

HTTP Custom

HTTP Custom


The description of HTTP Custom

HTTP Custom is an SSH client and a VPN client with a custom HTTP need header for secured browsing


– VPN can not be removed when connecting. Use on/ off details to need stop VPN.

✔ Safe surfing with SSH and VPN
✔ Custom need header
✔ Free VPN server
✔ DNS changer
✔ Share your SSH/ VPN connection (hotspot or USB tethering)
✔ Export setup
✔ No root needed

Simple tool for accessing and modifying requirements blocked websites behind the firewall program software application using SSH and VPN. Get an absolutely complimentary unlimited VPN server with no username, password, registration and bandwidth constraint.

Why HTTP Custom:
☑ User friendly
☑ Free unlimited VPN server
☑ Custom HTTP need header
☑ 2 in 1 (SSH and VPN client)
☑ SSH & VPN support SNI (Server Name Indication)

Access to images, media and files
Give approval to HTTP Custom Read and Write Configuration
Authorization to produce and deal with phone cubicles
Give HTTP Custom approval to produce hwid and take a look at ISP card details
Authorization to access the location of this device
Give HTTP Custom approval to take a look at ssid, simply for OS > = 8 (Oreo)

To share connection tethering:
◾ Start the SSH or VPN client till a connection is established
◾ Activate hotspot/ USB tethering
◾ Check the log. The Info-Tethering-IP: Port-Server is revealed as a proxy. If not, the standard proxy for hotspot and USB tether port 7071 is revealed
◾ Client links to the hotstpot and sets the proxy client like treatment details from HTTP Custom (You can see an image above for developing the proxy of Android. Please make use of the proxifier and set the proxy Type as HTTPS in the proxifier.) , if you are using the desktop(*)