Google TV (previously Play Movies & TV)

Google TV (previously Play Movies & TV)

Google TV (previously Play Movies & TV)

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(previously Google TV & Play Movies)TV Note: The

app is simply provided on Android mobile and tablet gizmos in the United StatesGoogle TV The

app, formerly Google TV & Play Movies, makes it easy to take and find satisfaction in the house entertainment you enjoy in one area. With TV, you can: Google TV Figure out what to see next

Search 700,000+ movies and
episodes from your streaming apps in one area, by subject and classification. Discover new things with recommendations based upon what you delight in and what’s trending in the services you presently have access to. Search for titles to see which streaming apps they utilize.TV See the most current variations

Buy or rent the most current movies and exposes right from the Shop tab. Purchases are saved in your library and can be downloaded to see when you are not connected. See rapidly on your laptop, Android phone or tablet, or on your
with TV or on Google TV & Play Movies where provided. TV A list for all of your discoveries

Add remarkable programs and movies to your watchlist to watch on your new discoveries and see them in the future. The watchlist is shared throughout all of your gizmos so you can include it to your watchlist even from your
or phone and laptop by searching in any web web browser.TV Learn more about

: tv.googleGoogle TV More information on app updates: