The description of DuckDuckGo

Tired of being followed online? We can assist. At DuckDuckGo, our company believe that online personal privacy needs to be simple.

The DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser has the speed you require, the searching functions you anticipate (like bookmarks and tabs), and consists of the very best personal privacy essentials in its class:

Tap the fire button, burn information – Clear all of your tabs and searching information with one tap.

Escape online tracking – Automatically conceal covert third-party trackers hiding on the sites you check out. This will avoid the business behind these trackers from gathering and offering your information.

Search independently – Our personal online search engine is integrated in so you can browse the web without being followed.

Force file encryption – Force sites to utilize an encrypted (HTTPS) connection, if readily available, and safeguard your information from spying eyes, e.g. B. from undesirable snoopers and Internet service companies.

Decrypt information defense – Every website you check out is offered a Privacy Grade (AF) so you can see at a glimpse how secured you are, and you can even dive into the information to see who we captured attempting you to pursue.

Data defense streamlined.

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