Download SW Maps – GIS & Data Collector APK For Android

Download SW Maps – GIS & Data Collector APK
 For Android
Download SW Maps – GIS & Data Collector APK
 For Android

Download SW Maps– GIS & Data Collector APK
For Android

SW Maps is a complimentary GIS and mobile mapping app for gathering, providing and sharing geographical info.

Whether you’re doing a complete GNSS study with high-precision instruments, catching a big quantity of location-based information with simply your phone, or simply requiring to show a couple of identified shapefiles over a background map, SW Maps has everything covered.

Record points, lines, polygons and even pictures and have them shown over the background map you pick. Include customized characteristic information to each function. Associate types consist of text, numbers, a choice from a predefined choice, pictures, audio clips, and videos.

Perform high-precision GPS studies with external RTK-enabled receivers through Bluetooth or USB serial.

Draw functions on the map by including markers, and procedure range and location.

Reuse the levels and characteristics from a previous job for another study or produce design templates and share them with other users.

Share the gathered information with other users as geopackages, KMZ or shapefiles or export them to your gadget storage. Share and export taped information as spreadsheet (XLS/ ODS) or CSV files.

– Online standard maps: Google Maps or Open Street Map

– Support for numerous MBTiles and KML overlays

– Shapefile levels with characteristic classification. View shapefiles in any coordinate system supported by the PROJ.4 library.

– Add numerous online WMTS, TMS, XYZ or WMS layers and cache tiles for offline usage.

– Connect to external RTK GPS receivers through Bluetooth or USB serial to allow high-precision measurements with RTK. Record information from the external recipient for post-processing.

– Define numerous function layers, each with customized characteristics
Feature types: point, line, polygon
Attribute types: Text, Numeric, Dropdown Options, Photos, Audio, Video
Save as a design template for reuse or sharing

– Record GPS tracks with range measurement

– Draw functions on the map and export them as KMZ, Shapefiles, GeoJSON or GeoPackages.

– Label functions based upon characteristic worths.

– Import function layers from design templates or existing tasks.

– Share or export gathered information as KMZ (with ingrained pictures), Shapefiles, GeoJSON, Geopackage (GPKG), XLS/ ODS tables or CSV files.

– Share design templates or tasks with other users

To fill MBTiles, KML, Shapefiles, GeoJSON and GeoPackage from an external SD card, produce the following folders in the root directory site of the SD card and copy the files to the proper folders.
SW_Maps/ Maps/ mbtiles
SW_Maps/ Maps/ kml
SW_Maps/ Maps/ Shapefiles
SW_Maps/ Maps/ Geojson
SW_Maps/ Maps/ Geopaket

This item is made in Nepal and is FREE (no advertisements). Please let your buddies understand that you have actually utilized an item from Nepal if you discover this helpful. Spend some time to get and visit this fantastic nation to understand the Nepalese individuals.

What’s brand-new

Improvements and repairs
Bluetooth RTK assistance for Pentax G3100 receivers

Added assistance for NMEA GST sentences. The position precision is now shown on the GPS Status page.

Improved assistance for Shapefile, KML and Geopackage

Categorized styling for geopackage levels

Experimental drawing mode included, which can be triggered in the settings. The drawing mode permits limitless zooming. When an external receiver is linked,

Added setting to reveal internal GPS area.(*)

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