Download spacedesk (multi monitor display extension screen) APK For Android

Download spacedesk (multi monitor display extension screen) APK
 For Android
Download spacedesk (multi monitor display extension screen) APK
 For Android

Download spacedesk (multi monitor display extension screen) APK
For Android

Converts Android phones, tablets or Chromebooks into an extended additional display for Windows PCs and Surface tablets.
The contents of the Windows desktop screen are exposed on the Android device.
– Windows desktop extension (x10-sion)
– Windows desktop duplication (screen matching/ cloning)

User handbook, files and extensive setup:
https://spacedesk net/user-manual

Quick start Guide:
1. Establish the spacedesk DRIVER software application for the Windows primary PC (server).
Download: https://www.spacedesk web
2. Install this app – Spacedesk (Remote Display) App for Secondary Machine (Client).
3. Open the spacedesk (Remote Display) app and link to your primary Windows PC (server).
Network connection: Server and consumer need to stay in the specific truly specific very same LAN and/ or WAN.
Alternative connections:
– by techniques of mobile hotspot
– by techniques of USB tethering
Note: does NOT require a web connection!

The primary computer system (Windows network display server) …
… Runs under Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 or Windows 7. Macs are not supported.
Dual monitor and a range of monitor setups are supported.
Requires Spacedesk driver established. Download: https://www.spacedesk net

The secondary maker or device (Android Network Display Client) …
… Is an Android device, phone or tablet running the spacedesk Android app.

The network …
… Connects the Windows primary computer system to the secondary computer system or device by techniques of LAN (local place network, e.g. Ethernet) and/ or WLAN (cordless local place network).
The network connection can be made by techniques of cable television service or by techniques of WLAN. The TCP/ IP network treatment is required.

Do you need more help? Please go to:
https://www.spacedesk web
Operating requirements: https://spacedesk net/user-manual
Support online forum: https://forum.spacedesk ph
Facebook: 330909083726073

Similar alternatives for cordless display developments:
Air computer game

Similar display app alternatives:
Air display
Duet ad
Twomon SE, Twomon USB, TwomonAir
splashtop Wired XDisplay, XDisplay

Initially, the Android device will immediately acknowledge the complimentary Windows desktop app. Click this link to link and modify the Android device to a touchscreen display.

Try to bypass WiFi and network routers for remarkable effectiveness and display quality with no lag. Use USB tethering, WiFi Direct, or Direct Network Cable Connection. Extra details can be found at: https://spacedesk net/user-manual #performance- tunning

Touchpad (relative touch).
Touchscreen (straight-out note)
With the mouse fundamental control, the touch screen can be used to “click” on screen place.
Gestures, two-finger scrolling, panning, and zooming are not yet supported.

Single display, screen duet or a range of monitor in a video wall
Ability to pick the position of the extended display relative to the computer system
Automatic rotation optional (can be closed down)
Automatic orientation when turning Android (run in both landscape and image mode)
Main or secondary screen in a duet

Use your Android screen to see favored devices like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and so on
Use your Android screen as a rendering screen for Photoshop, AutoCAD, and so on
Use your Android screen to see Word, Excel, and PowerPoint side by side
Use your Android screen to have a look at files in photo orientation
Use your Android screen to read your favored publications like TechCrunch, TIME, The
Guardian, Forbes, The Verge, Lifehacker, Business Insider or Wall Street Journal
… And great deals of other unusual uses to have a look at …

Productivity in a portable technique while travelling. Multitasking with a screen duet or a range of screens can be 2 times as trustworthy.

Android variations 4.1+ are supported and PCs with Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Macs are not supported.

What’s new

Several bug repair work

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