Download Save Location GPS APK
For Android 2021

Download Save Location GPS APK For Android 2021

Download Save Location GPS APK
For Android 2021


Download Save Location GPS APK
For Android 2021

Download Save Location GPS APK
For Android 2021


Save location GPS – The name of the app specifies all of it! This is your particular location assistant.

Save your favored places. Constantly bear in mind where you parked the trucks and truck. Share required places with your partners or friends.

Features of Save Location GPS

Save and share location
Save your present location specifically with merely one click.

Online/ offline help
App handles and without web. You can save a new location without web. (GPS needs time to discover without web)

Save location info
Also saves required info like latitude, longitude, title, address and images to mark any location.

Save location changes
Just decorate your saved locations or eliminate unwanted locations.

Group your locations
Do you have some favored dining centers or treking places? Group them for future concept.

Different sort of cards
You can see maps in the Roadmap, Satellite, Hybrid, and Terrain views.

favored places
Add places to favorites to constantly remember your favored places. Quickly get to it from your favored screen.

Navigate to locations
Navigate quickly and find the fastest course to all your places with the Save Location app.

Login and synchronization locations
Sign in and get to your picked put on any gadget.

Export and import locations
Just export all the location info to a CSV file so that you can rapidly use that info. Do you want to designate a group of locations to expose a work group? This function is best for you.

Support/ feedback/ function requirement
We take pleasure in to talk with them! In-app message us with any concerns or feedback. Do you have a new function principle? We ‘d like to hear and do our finest to serve you.

Here are some use cases:

◇ Visiting a new friend for the really in truth exceptionally really exceptionally actually extremely very first time? The location save app programs and saves the location info quickly and specifically so you can reference them in the future for your next go to! The app even saves the date so you keep in mind the last time you saw Grandma!

◇ Are you finding the straight-out finest dining center in the location and do you want to bear in mind to bring your liked ones? Save the location in the app and even share it with your friends so they comprehend where to find you.

◇ All location info can be saved in the app for concept from other devices, all with security to ensure that simply you and people who want to see your location info can access it.

◇ This app is best for tourists, service people, group leaders and those who connect with liked ones. Image all of the places you’ve been and how you wish to share them with others. This is your possibility.

Save location GPS is now also rapidly utilized for iOS:

What’s new

You can log into the app and save your info on the server. You can get your entire location on another phone by ending up in if you lost your phone or something took place to your phone.

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