Download Save contacts APK
For Android 2021

Download Save contacts APK For Android 2021

Download Save contacts APK
For Android 2021


Download Save contacts APK
For Android 2021

Get selected details from the phonebook with simply a series of clicks! Any format can be seen on practically any gadget, be it a phone, computer system, or tablet. You can embellish most formats in your preferred programs. The application permits you to embellish your folder/ file settings and select the needed details types (phones, e-mail and others) with the sneak peek of the contact item.

The application develops files in TXT format and in the Google Sheets, from which you can quickly download the following formats:
► Xlsx – Excel format
► Pdf
► HTML (zip)

You can see the txt file on any gadget. Attempt customizing the encoding in the file settings next to the file name if another program can not expose the file or there are some illegible characters.

The program provides the capability to restore contacts from a TXT file or a Google spreadsheet. Due to the truth that it is rather challenging to see the item in text files, the application can just take a look at names, e-mails and contact number. You can include a file and download contacts from there to your phone. Use amongst 2 formats – multi-line or single-line.

Single line – each contact begins with a brand-new line and there are no empty lines, after the name there is a “:” and “;” in between the phones. An example of a file:

Name 1: contact number 1; Phone number 2
Name 2: Telephone number 3
Name 3: Telephone number 4; Telephone number 5

Multi-line – The actually actually incredibly exceptionally very first line is a contact name. Contacts are separated by blank lines:

Name 1
Telephone number 1
Phone number 2

Name 2
Telephone number 3

Name 3
Telephone number 4
Telephone number 5

The app can recuperate numbers if they do not consist of places or other uncommon characters. The exception is USSD, which are acknowledged by the program, e.g. B. * 111 * 21 #

The application permits you to develop each element independently:
► Contact list settings – select including design and fields and eliminate duplicates by consisting of fields. The sneak peek exposes you how to quickly customize the text of a specific contact.
► Restore settings – Activate the tracking of existing contacts.
► File Settings – Enter the regular name, select a folder, select the encoding of the text files (UTF-8 or UTF-16), include the existing date to the file name and select the date format

To conserve contacts, wait on them to be filled from the phonebook and press the green button in the lower corner. You will see the details window at the bottom of the screen after the file has in truth actually been developed.

A system care requirements approval to utilize the phone and the sd book card. Without this, the application can not fill contacts or conserve files.

Personal details is just conserved cash on the user’s gadget and is not bied far to 3rd events.

What’s brand-new

Updated interface and set problems