Download Privacy Applock-Privacy Knight APK
For Android 2021

Download Privacy Applock-Privacy Knight APK For Android 2021

Download Privacy Applock-Privacy Knight APK
For Android 2021

Download Privacy Applock-Privacy Knight APK
For Android 2021

Download Privacy Applock-Privacy Knight APK
For Android 2021


Privacy Knight, the # 1 ad-free locker for privacy apps designed by Alibaba Group.
Secret Door, Hide Privacy APP by disguising Privacy Knight for a Secret Dialer.
Face Lock, the fastest and most secure biometric lock, protects your privacy.
More fun with Unlock, Face Lock, Fingerprint Lock, PIN, Pattern and Disguise Cover are well supported.

– Lock messaging apps and social apps from prying eyes. Block WhatsApp, Hike, Imo, Tinder, Contacts, Call History.
– Lock kids game, shopping and banking apps like Flipkart, Amazon, HSBC.
– Hide your private photos / videos in Privacy Vault, no more embarrassing moments.
– Clean up your browsing history with Privacy Clean, no loss of privacy with browsing records.
– Curious who the intruders are? Selfie intruders help you find out intruders.
– Tired of unlock? Face Lock, advanced real-time face recognition technology, frees your hands.
– Disguise Privacy Knight in a secret dialer, nobody would ever access your privacy app.
– 14 languages ​​are supported. Privacy Knight offers you international support.

Privacy Knight is the # 1 privacy security app. It offers APP LOCK, VAULT, CLEAN, DISGUISE COVER, INTRUDER SELFIE, SECRET DOOR and THEMEN for your comprehensive protection of privacy.

Featured Features by Privacy Knight
. AppLock
Lock down sensitive apps. Anyone trying to access locked apps should unlock them first.
. Privacy Vault
Hide your sexy photos, private pictures and sensitive videos in the safe. Protect your gallery.
. Data protection clean
Clean up your adult, social, financial, and shopping browsing history.
. Face lock (biometric lock)
Unlock in a second with your selfie as long as your phone has a front camera. Your PIN / pattern will never be verified. Face Lock works offline.
. Fingerprint lock (biometric lock)
The improved fingerprint lock supports smartphones with fingerprint sensors over Android 6.0 and Samsung smartphones with fingerprint scanners.
. Intruder selfie
Where can I find intruders? Intruder Selfie will catch intruders trying to unlock your apps 24/7.
. Secret door
Dress up Privacy Knight for a dialer and dial the correct number to unlock it.
. Cover the cladding
The password is not the only way to unlock it. Disguise covers ensure your safety and bring more fun.
. Notification lock
Hide preview text before notification, no confidential notification will be displayed.
. Protection protocol
Here you can check the timeline your province was protected from intruders.
. Prevent uninstallation
Prevent Privacy Knight from being uninstalled by Snoopers.
. Free themes
Lots of free lock screen themes to choose from.
. Invisible unlock path
Hide path while drawing Unlock pattern.
. Incoming call barring
Private calls stay private. You are the only one who knows how to answer.

Language support
Privacy Knight supports 14 languages ​​including English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, Hindi, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, and Indonesian.

. Forgot Password – Click the Forgot Passcode button in the right corner of the Applock screen and reset your passcode through Gmail validation or security question (if set).
. Clearing Privacy Knight Data – Enter the correct passcode (if set) before clearing your Privacy Knight data. How to protect your privacy security by deleting data from others
. Prevent uninstallation – By activating it, you prevent the uninstallation in your settings and protect your privacy from others by uninstalling
. Where can I find my hidden photos / videos? If you have Privacy Knight installed, you can find it in the vault. If you have uninstalled Privacy Knight, reinstall our app, show all photos / videos and you will find them in your gallery.

Height: 3.9 m
Current version:
Requires Android: 2.3.3 and higher