Download Omni Swipe – Small and Quick 2.47 APK For Android

Download Omni Swipe – Small and Quick 2.47 APK  For Android

Download Omni Swipe – Small and Quick 2.47 APK For Android

Download Omni Swipe – Small and Quick 2.47 APK  For Android

Omni Swipe provides you simple access to your preferred apps, contacts, settings and inbound alerts with simply one hand.

The editors of Google Play have actually explained Omni Swipe on Twitter as “@ContainerStore for our @Android” ( Aw shucks, thanks google!

To utilize, merely swipe from the lower left or ideal corner of your screen on any screen to quickly open a personalized radial menu that keeps the most essential and beneficial within reach of a thumb. Unlike other ease of access functions, Omni Swipe remains concealed and does not get in your method up until you swipe it into view to utilize.


★ Inconspicuous: Omni Swipe just appears when you desire it to and vanishes when you’re done, without obscuring or jumbling your lovely desktop.
★ Smart: Omni Swipe skillfully prepares for and arranges your apps based upon their significance and your previous use habits.
★ Interact: Get your most current alerts without swiping down the notice bar and keep your essential contacts and their numerous contact techniques hassle-free.
★ Lightweight: Omni Swipe is small at simply 1MB + and enhanced for a tidy and smooth user experience.
★ favorites: Add up to 9 of your preferred apps and organize them so that you are constantly within reach.
★ Toolbox: Customize which frequently utilized faster ways and changes can be accessed with a single swipe. Simply turn your flashlight, WiFi, rotation lock on or off, or change the brightness of your screen. Keep your Android quickly and responsive with the “Booster” tool that accelerates memory cleansing!
★ styles: Omni Swipe consists of a range of vibrant styles to match your desktop or character. Amazing brand-new subjects will follow quickly!

Special thanks go to the following users who assisted us with translations and localizations:

Vince, Eduard Vrhovec, Iksa Tawfiq Hourani, Hakan Güven, Atakan Yıldız Eric Farias, Adrian Kowaliński, Dương Vũ Trúc, Nguyễn Minh Thành, Hamidreza Rashed Saiedi, Tadej, Muhamega, Szabó Zokan Kassaye, Patrick Ilse, Elroy Groen, Kleiner TarZan, Georgi Vasilev

Contact us if you wish to contribute a translation!

Special thanks to Daniel Nathan Poole for sharing his imaginative concept on The Lucky Clover with us!


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