Download – Write your own book APK For Android

Download – Write your own book APK
 For Android
Download – Write your own book APK
 For Android

Download – Write your own book APK
For Android

With you can write short stories and novels on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Write whenever you want, wherever you are.

Function overview

• Story management with chapters and scenes
• Character and location management
• Rich text editor with many formatting options
• Dynamic linking of characters and places
• Spell checker and basic grammar checker
• Automatic synchronization with Android, iOS, your laptop and PC
• Export to MS Word or LibreOffice Writer

Start writing your own novel, short story or screenplay today. You can write on all your devices with internet access, so you have your own book with you when you are at home on the couch, in the supermarket, on the train or in the great outdoors. Write when inspiration comes.

Organize your book with chapters and scenes

To get an overview, you can organize your book in small blocks. They are called chapters that contain multiple scenes. You can scribble your ideas on the integrated pin board and move them around as you wish. Add summaries to the cards on your whiteboard and get a high-level view of your story. The whiteboard is automatically synchronized with your story outline so that everything is always up to date

• Dynamic story board with cards
• Move them using drag and drop
• Add new scenes and chapters during operation
• Write summaries for chapters for quick reference

Integrated rich text editor with spell check

With the powerful integrated rich text editor, you can write your texts in no time at all. Format your content effortlessly like bold, italic, or indented and give your story a certain style. You can use this editor for your scenes, character descriptions and locations.

• Rich text editor with many styles for your content
• Integrated links for signs and places
• Spell checker and basic grammar checker
• Full screen mode

Linking dynamic character and locations

Whenever you create a new character or location, the rich text editor allows you to dynamically add it to your text. This will create a link to the character. If you later rename it, these will be automatically updated in all of your texts. So don’t manually rename everything and take the time to write a next chapter for your book.

• Create characters and places
• Link them to your texts and they will be updated automatically when something changes

Book export

When you’re ready or want to share a preview, you can use the built-in book export. This will export all of your chapters with the scenes to your preferred word processing program such as MS Word or LibreOffice Writer. You can use this for sharing or even as a backup for yourself.

Synchronized on all devices

With your free account, you can access your work on all your devices with internet access. On your Android smartphone on the go, on your tablet or even on your laptop or desktop PC. It does this automatically – you don’t have to export anything manually.

When you’re ready to write, download the free app today and start writing your book right now!

What’s new

* Profile page: The email address can now be changed
* Profile page: Password can now be changed

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