Download Full Battery Alarm and Battery Low Alarm APK
For Android 2021

Download Full Battery Alarm and Battery Low Alarm APK For Android 2021

Download Full Battery Alarm and Battery Low Alarm APK
For Android 2021


Download Full Battery Alarm and Battery Low Alarm APK
For Android 2021


It safeguards your phone’s battery from overcharging.
This app keeps the battery healthy in impressive condition.
Just try it for 7 days. You ensure to find it in reality crucial.
The battery is the most vital part of your phone. Merely save his life with this crucial app.
Most of the time 99% of the apps are using your battery and simply this battery app will keep the battery safe and healthy.

Battery Full Alarm is a FREE battery overcharging app.
I have in reality in reality prepared this complimentary app to save energy. and to conserve the most basic part of your cellphone.

Using this app will save you energy for those who have no energy in their home.

Battery general alarm has many extraordinary functions. When the battery is totally charged,

An alarm will sound. or charged up to your favored level.
Only this app utilizes the possibility to set the alarm to any level from 1 to 100%.

No app utilizes such a function to set an alarm at any level.

Battery With the battery alarm, you can safeguard the battery from overchargingand exposes the battery level of your gizmo with enhancement bars

Battery battery details.and charge alarm is a little, crucial, innovative, visual, basic to make use of and advanced app that can keep your battery healthy and even work as a battery saver

battery protector.and With the battery alarm, you can safeguard your battery anywhere

keep an eye out when it is totally charged.and There is no other battery alarm app with such a simple to make use of user interface, standard operation, a crucial to make use of, clear

visual user interface that incorporates many functions in a single app.Battery Alarm The and user interface is as standard as possible

and basic to understand.

we are constantly enhancing the user interface for the straight-out finest experience possible. As rapidly as when as rapidly as when again,Battery Enjoy the impressive Power Battery Protector app

never ever tension over your phone’s battery.

is a growing FREE

Protector App that safeguards the “” status.Battery Full Alarm You can set the alarm at any level of battery charge.

There is similarly a quick charge function for batteries.

It has a good deal of crucial functions that you would take pleasure in to have in a battery-related app.
Why is
(battery security & battery alarm) a MUST-HAVE app? When the charge stays in requirement,

★ Protect the battery from overcharging Full getting too hot
Immediately play the alarm sound. You can set the alarm to the favored battery level.and Displays the visual battery level in percent.

★ battery alarmsand The app has functions for playing alarms in peaceful vibration mode.
It similarly has an unique voice alarm function.and ★
battery details

It includes all details about the battery condition
the battery temperature level

★ Sound
adapter sort of the battery adapter (IN/ OUT)

There are sounds for plug-in
plug-out. Here’s how to find out if your phone is in reality charging or not.

Graphic images expose the adapter types.
★ App start quickly ON/ OFFBattery Configurable autostart function.
★ Fast battery chargeand Provides settings for fast charging.and ★
saving modes
There are many modes rapidly utilized to save battery power
increase the condition of the battery.
★ Percentage of battery in the alert placeand The battery general alarm exposes the existing battery part in the alert area. It similarly exposes the battery details on the lock screen.
View the charging status in real time

Battery Full Alarm effectively expose the battery part.and ★ battery temperature level alarm

★ Do not interfere with alarm hours
★ Voice alarmBattery ★ Notifications at different levels Battery at different time periodsAndroid ★ Custom voice textand &

Monitor is the most problem-free

most problem-free approach to increase the battery condition of your and phone
safeguard it from overcharging.
Battery With some cellphones, the app usually does not work successfully due to undependable settings in the phone. In this case we are not reputable for some element.
Low #
Battery #BatteryFullAlarm #BatteryProtector #BatteryDoctor #BatteryGuard
What’s new
Solved frame of mind save problems
other little improvisations.
general alarm.
Low battery alarm.
temperature level alarm.
Alarm New user interface.
Two new topics.
Custom language text.
Battery Beep at difference level.
Full Beep at a specific period.

battery alarm.(*) Many language languages.(*) on/ off on the home screen.(*) Help video.(*) Hours do not interfere with.(*) temperature level in the alert area.(*) battery info in the alert area.(*)