Download Download ANT Radio Service APK For Android

Download Download ANT Radio Service APK For Android

Download Download ANT Radio Service APK For Android

ANT is a cordless procedure, comparable to Bluetooth ®, generally utilized for cordless sports and physical fitness connections. This service, pre-installed by the phone maker, enables you to link ANT + gadgets to apps on your phone. ANT Wireless is a department of Garmin Canada Inc.

ANT- made it possible for apps can utilize this service to link:
• Heart Rate: Get live heart rate information from heart rate belts or wearables made by lots of popular makers
• Fitness devices: Connect ANT + -capable physical fitness devices and bike fitness instructors with popular training and workout apps
• Bike speed and cadence: Collect speed, range, and/ or cadence information from the bike
• Bike Performance: Collect information from ANT + bike efficiency meters such as Garmin Vector
• Step-based speed and range screen: Collect speed and range information from running footpods

A complete list of suitable ANT + apps and gadgets can be discovered at

How did this app get on my phone and is it spyware?
This service is basic software application offered by the maker of your phone. It is not downloaded unlawfully and is not spyware. No system breakdowns or pop-up advertisements are shown. It is not bloatware and generally needs an optimum of 20MB of storage area. For example, on a 16GB phone, this service uses up 0.0013% of the storage area. We do not pay phone makers to have this service pre-installed.

How can I eliminate this service?
Since this service is basic software application, you can not erase it from your phone. Rather, you can disable this service by following the maker’s guidelines. The common procedure is: Settings > Applications > Application Manager > proper app > Force Stop > Disable

Disabling this service will not impact your phone’s software application. Merely re-enable the service if you require the capability to link to services and gadgets by means of

+ in the future.

NOTE: As this is a factory set up service, it might be triggered/ re-downloaded when you reset and/ or upgrade your phone. No panic! Simply follow the guidelines to turn it off once again.
Is this service tracking me without my understanding?ANT Radio Service No. The ANT and Service + Plugins

applications offer a cordless connection service comparable to Bluetooth or WiFi, however with extremely low power intake. These services do not gather any individual information.ANT Is it hard to establish an app with
+ abilities and exists a cost? ANT Using the ANT + plugins in your app to interact with ANT Android + gadgets fasts, simple, totally free, and utilizes an easy API. Check out the

Developer page ( for more details and to download the SDK. ANT How do I understand if I have
– made it possible for items? ANT Visit to look for ANT/

+ made it possible for items, gadgets, and/ or services.

Download Download ANT Radio Service APK For Android


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