Download Day and night clock APK For Android

Download Day and night clock APK
 For Android
Download Day and night clock APK
 For Android

Download Day and night clock APK
For Android

Night dream

… a table clock that is similarly suitable for thenight In dock mode, this app utilizes a simple digital clock that right away alters its brightness. The display screen is dazzling throughout the day, nevertheless at a minimum brightness atnight Quickly alter the font design size with a two-finger zoom gesture.

This app can be made use of as a Daydream from Android 4.2.

Fast alarms

You can set the alarm

with a swipe from the. Remove it by tapping the lower finest corner.
batteryand While your cellphone is charging, a forecasted time is needed to entirely charge the battery.Android Notifications

You can turn on notifications for lost out on calls, GMail, WhatsApp Android Twitter. On

4.3+, go to Settings > Security > Notification Access > make it possible for NightDream.

In previous variations of

, go to Settings > Accessibility > Enable NightDream.

In-app payments

Current environment condition can be seen under the time. This function was gotten in the app
The task is open source. If you ‘d like to make a contribution, you can do so through in-app purchase.night Permissions

android.permission.MODIFY _ AUDIO_SETTINGS
With these authorizations, the gizmo can be set off in night mode.

android.permission.RECORD _ AUDIO
The screen may be handicapped in and mode. When a particular ambient noise level is reached, it can be altered on when again. The app continuously tapes audio. The app does not save any audio details.

android.permission.WAKE _ LOCK
The app is made it possible for to wake the gizmo from sleep mode to activate the screen

keep the screen on.

android.permission.READ _ EXTERNAL_STORAGE

Authorization is required to have a look at background images from external storage.

Screen lock
This app makes use of the gizmo administrator authority. The permission is simply made use of to lock the screen while the app is running. The authorization requires to be withdrawed prior to uninstalling the app.
What’s brand-newand- New 14 sector LED font design
– boosted the am/ pm display screen screenclock- New design styles: gold, copper
– Digital
style with calendar (special present)clock

– Activate vibration for alarms(*)- Activate the flashlight (*)- Notifications can be seen right under the (*).

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