Download Caller Name Reader: Shouter APK
For Android 2021

Download Caller Name Reader: Shouter APK For Android 2021

Download Caller Name Reader: Shouter APK
For Android 2021


Download Caller Name Reader: Shouter APK
For Android 2021


Voice alert normally does what the app name states. It reads your informs for you so that you do not need to read them yourself, and it has a series of more functions like exposing caller name, taking a look at messages, exposing battery status, and exposing variety. It consists of a great deal of adjustment alternatives.

What the app can do: –
1) Notification reading. (Jellybean (4.3) and greater)
2) Display of the battery charge level throughout the charging treatment.
3) Proximity professional
4) Announcement of the battery and charge status.
5) Announcing the caller’s name while the phone is sounding. When you get a missed out on out on out on out on out on out on out on out on out on call,
6) Missed call alert.

7) Reading text.
8) Time statement at user-defined periods. (Completely just utilized in the Pro variation)
9) Voice pointerFor Use cases:-
1) While biking or biking journeys.
truckers and long-distance truck truck chauffeurs.
2) Read out the video game signals.
3) The name of the caller and the statement of the message alert you whether the call or message is required, even when you are not holding the gadget
4) The display screen of the battery level while charging informs you when to get your phone.
The list listed below adjustment alternatives are utilized: –

1) Select apps whose alert you wish to take a look at.
2) Option to just call the app name (alert sending out app) for each app.

3) Adjust the prefixes.

4) Option to disable message reading for unidentified numbers.

5) Option to take a look at the message item. If earphones are linked,

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6) Option to set off the statement just. When the screen is embellished off,

7) Option to just trigger the statement.
Caller 8) Option to recreate the statement.(*) 9) Master control for all screams. (WIDGET assistance)(*) 10) Silent Hours – Hours when the shouter does not expose.(*) 11) Read unidentified numbers for call and message statements.(*) 12) Shake to shake calmly.(*) 13) Screen on/ off to silence.(*) 14) Announcement history.(*) Join our Facebook page to be part of the enhancement. ( Your function requirement will be put in the “Coming Soon” area.(*) SOON:-(*) 1) Blacklist contactsShouter Please email me or present on the facebook page with your tailored function requirement and feedback. I will attempt to perform it.(*) Highly increased so your gadget does not lower.(*) Please utilize a 5 star ranking and assistance.(*) Email me for translation mistakes.(*) What’s brand-new(*) Due to existing changes in Google’s policy, (*) can not straight access to your SMS or call info. (*) now makes use of info from the alert to acknowledge and expose sms and calls. This approval for call, Notification, sms and battery statements has in truth really ended up being required(*) Additional info(*) Surname (*) name reader: (*) technique (*) com.bhkapps.shouter(*) execution (*) 4.00(*) size (*) 1.73 MB(*) Developed by (*) BHK(*)