Download Calculator Free No Ads APK For Android

Download Calculator Free No Ads APK
 For Android
Download Calculator Free No Ads APK
 For Android

Download Calculator Free No Ads APK
For Android

calculator is a free, simple, fast, and easy tool for your phone that is perfect for everyday use. Calculator is AD-FREE In order not to divert attention from anyone, the battery or memory will never run out because it is very light and flexible. Enjoy this fast calculator and leave the delays and freezes on your phone behind.

It has Customization options on the ad format and there are many beautifully designed themes and many more to come. Buttons and text are big so you’ll never make a mistake about what you touch or what you see. It also supports story. Every complete calculation you make is stored in a database so you can return it and view it at any time. It’s that simple. Next to the calculation is the date you created it so you can easily remember the reason for each calculation.

It has a percentage Button to calculate quick tips, discounts, or anything you want that includes percent.

calculator is there for your everyday use, from homework to shopping to calculating bills, payments, receipts and taxes.

The calculator is available free of charge for any Android device running version 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher.


• Basic operators:
+, -, ×, ÷,

• Other operators: %, ±, x², √ and many more will be added in the next versions. To access all of them, just scroll over these buttons from right to left or vice versa. Or just hold% and drag left.

• Memory buttons (MR, M +, M-, MC): To use them, just scroll down from the top to the top operators (%, ±, ÷, x², √). Or just hold% (or any other operator next to it) and drag down.

• Big buttons: So you don’t accidentally press the wrong one.

• Shows At run time, the entire calculation at the top of the screen, the operation you perform below, and the result below.

• Story: You can view your previously calculated expressions and their dates at any time.

• Subjects: You can choose between 6 different topics. Many more have to be added.

• Display format: You can choose between 4 display formats for various thousands and decimal separators to make reading easier for everyone.

• Ability to copy either the result or the calculations you made so you can paste it anywhere.

• Supporting languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Greek, Croatian and many more will be added in the future.

• Possibility Switch vibration on and off.

• Vibration: for click effect (can be switched off).
• Internet: This is only used for analysis purposes (statistics).

Feedback – Suggestions – Bug Reporting:
I would love to hear from you, please contact me by email: [email protected]

If you like Calculator please rate it, it’s free. ♥

Calculator has no advertising. There is an option to take a survey, but you will only see a small red indicator and close it. Nothing more and nothing permanent. If you say thank you, please take a survey when the indicator lights up. Many Thanks!

What’s new

Fixed some rare crashes.

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