Download Airly APK For Android

Download Airly APK
 For Android
Download Airly APK
 For Android

Download Airly APK
For Android

☞ Would you like to comprehend when and where it is safe to walk?
☞ Would you like to be able to take a look at when is the absolute best time for a run or a bike journey?
☞ When is a fun time to play outdoors with your kids?

There are more than 110 air quality noticing systems provided in Krakow and its suburbs in the Airly app.

Smog is a dangerous and undetected challenger that sets off breathing problems, cardiovascular problems, skin swelling, and others. By performing the network of thick noticing systems, you can keep an eye on the existing air quality in your location. This information can help you select how to invest your free time and far better understand the sources of air contamination so you can respond.

Airly allows:

✔ Monitoring air quality in more than 110 locations in Krakow and its towns
✔ Track air quality in authentic time
✔ Save your favored areas (for example: home, work, kindergarten)
✔ Track adjustments within the last 24 hours (with clear animations).
✔ Control of air contamination in relation to primary requirements
✔ Air quality projections for the next 24 hours – COMING SOON

Download the app for easy access to real-time air quality information at your locations!

What’s new

In this variation we draw diagrams … we draw more, we draw far better. Might the carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide lines be as low as possible!

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